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Him we preach, ......that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus.

Choir Of Mizar .....

The Choir is directed by Bro. Ebison k.Abraham. Choir Team leads the Malayalam, English and Hindi congregational songs throughout various portions of the service.

In the Year 2000, Choir of Mizar launched a cassette called "God's Providence". It consisted of songs for children. The money generated was donated for Gujarat earthquake relief.

Our church choir has been invited by other churches and organizations in Bombay to lead singing during their conventions.

All choirs are accompanied by the various musicians as follows:

Keyboards : Bro.Cebin Varghese & Bro.Stanley O. Mathew
Guitars        : Bro.Jaison Varghese & Bro.Jojo John
Percussion : Bro.Bijo Koshy & Bro.Jobin Mathew

Sound system and LCD Project system setup and technical engineering is directed by Bro.Jeff Sunny and Bro.Nixon Abraham.
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